Welcome to Sahlnut Gates Trading Co.

We started trucking services in the OMAN in 2007 and is today one of the fast growing trucking and transportation services provider in the Salalah.

It is a service delivery's reputation built with over a decade of experience and reliability. Today Sahlnut Gates Trading Co.'s service delivery covers the GCC and YEMEN. We are always striving to improving ourselves and providing the best benefits and services to our customers at competitive rates.

We provide trucking services in the OMAN and from the OMAN to GCC and YEMEN. We offer a wide variety of fleet which ensures a one window option for clients.

Our key to success is to follow three simple rules and that is honesty, consistency and to be reliable at all times. The transportation business is one of the most fragile businesses you could ever get into. Why? This is because customers usually rely on your company to get important cargo to be delivered from one place to another without the fear of getting their cargo's damaged or lost. These customers’ expectations on the other hand must be met by our company by making sure they can rely on us, and that we will always be honest at all times. All in all our company’s key to success is to make sure all products that should be delivered are safe, intact with no possible scratches and are all delivered to its right destination, and another key to success that our company will always live by is to deliver all goods on time.